Slogan: I am an Entrepreneur, I do whatever I want.

Entrepreneurship based on fundamental principles as the art of creating, founding, leading and (co-) owning sustainable and profitable firms shipping through uncertainty endeavoring new horizons.

List of founded and (co-) founded companies:
  • Founder and owner of Firm Stefan Jelinek (sole proprietory) in December 2011. Acquired on 26.02.2016 the local fashion store Duo Dessous Firm Elfriede Jelinek, integrated it and employed all former employees till now since 24.11.1990. 
  • Co - founder and co - owner of Lehmann Christian Eberhard und Jelinek Stefan Martin GbR since 19.07.2012.
  • Co - founder and former co - owner of Scisurfer UG limited. Liquidation of the company by the CEO on 26.11.2010. 
Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship: